Welcome to the Web Africa API

NOTE: The Web Africa API is currently in a beta state, keep checking back as we add more methods and functionality and please report any bugs and/or security issues to us. Be aware that all accesses to the API are logged and should it be abused your client code will be blocked.

What is an API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface is a system that provides application and website developers the ability to write software that interfaces with our systems and databases in a way that is secure, easy to use, and flexible.

What would I use the Web Africa API for?

API's have many uses, some examples of what the Web Africa API could be used for are:

  • Desktop applications for reporting ADSL usage back to end users.
  • Back-end automation, reducing manual labour.
  • And much more...

We envisage in the near future for the API to afford many developers the opportunity to write software to automate various tasks (such as cancelling a service) and providing informational facilities to end users in an easy to use, understand, and attractive way.

How do I use the Web Africa API?

Our goal with the API was to make it both easy to use and understand for developers.

To be able to access a specific method in the API, call it via a standard web URL, supplying your reseller (or end user if the method allows it) client code and password. Many methods have additional parameters that must be passed, and those parameters are detailed in the documentation for each method, accessible from the right hand menu. This documentation also contains example requests and responses.